Life is back to normal!

I’ve been working hard to heal and get back to normal, and for the last 6 months, my health has gotten much better. I do still have occasional bad days, but the good far out number the bad!

I’ve been kicking butt at work, and just had the best year end personal assessment at work ever!

I’ve also been enjoying my favorite curent hobby, radio controlled model helicopters. I now have 8, after my recent purchase of a quad-copter drone with two built in high definition video cameras. It’s too much fun!

I am currently planning and packing for a 4-day thanksgiving get-away at my Whidbey Island beach house, where I will be cooking up a killer thanksgiving dinner with all the fixin’s! YUM, my all time favorite meal is turkey dinner, and I splurged and paid extra for a nice fresh 20 pound turkey, never frozen! :P

The only part I am not looking forward to is getting up at 6:00 am Thursday morning to start cooking…

More updates to follow as time permits…

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Back to Work!

Woohoo!!! I am finally back at work doing what I love to do, after 6 weeks of bedrest and lots of meds to aliviate the pain of my seriously herniated cervical neck disk.

I still have the disk herniation and have to see a surgeon in a week or so to find out if I really need major surgery, after I get a new advanced MRI done this coming Monday.

But, the bottom line is I am doing MUCH better, or at least feeling much better. Time will tell…..

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Health Has Me Down Again

It’s really hell to get old. I just turned 50 years old last Saturday, the 5th of November, and here I lay in in bed, suffering intense agonizing pain from a serious herniated cervical disk between my C6 and C7 cervical vertebrae.

I have seen my doctor many times for this ongoing issue, have gone to the emergency room in agony, and have now seen a spinal specialist who is recommending major surgery.

Just what I need… NOT! That’s the last resort. I am trying steroids and pain meds for now in the hopes my body will heal itself.

Wish me luck recovering!

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Buried Baby Girl Dog Patches Today

I just got home from burying my baby girl dog Patches today. She had a gorgeous coffin, and I covered her with her favorite blanket, along with her favorite squeaky purple toy, and her favorite frisbee. She lived a very long and happy life, and I was privileged to share many adventures with her.

I am still in shock, and it hasn’t hit me yet, as I am totally numb with the pain of losing the only baby I’ve ever had, since she was 6 weeks old, till Mother’s day late night/very early morning after(4:34am), and she lived over 17 long wonderful years. I held her for many hours as she passed, changing the IV bags, feeding her by hand, and giving her the best I could until the end.

I will always love and never forget my baby girl Patches Knees Keez, my schmendry face dog…

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Jamie’s New Blog

Welcome to my new WordPress blog!

This is brand new, so there isn’t any content yet, but as time permits, I will play with this and add more stuff.

Thanks for checking this out! :-)

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