Buried Baby Girl Dog Patches Today

I just got home from burying my baby girl dog Patches today. She had a gorgeous coffin, and I covered her with her favorite blanket, along with her favorite squeaky purple toy, and her favorite frisbee. She lived a very long and happy life, and I was privileged to share many adventures with her.

I am still in shock, and it hasn’t hit me yet, as I am totally numb with the pain of losing the only baby I’ve ever had, since she was 6 weeks old, till Mother’s day late night/very early morning after(4:34am), and she lived over 17 long wonderful years. I held her for many hours as she passed, changing the IV bags, feeding her by hand, and giving her the best I could until the end.

I will always love and never forget my baby girl Patches Knees Keez, my schmendry face dog…

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