Life is back to normal!

I’ve been working hard to heal and get back to normal, and for the last 6 months, my health has gotten much better. I do still have occasional bad days, but the good far out number the bad!

I’ve been kicking butt at work, and just had the best year end personal assessment at work ever!

I’ve also been enjoying my favorite curent hobby, radio controlled model helicopters. I now have 8, after my recent purchase of a quad-copter drone with two built in high definition video cameras. It’s too much fun!

I am currently planning and packing for a 4-day thanksgiving get-away at my Whidbey Island beach house, where I will be cooking up a killer thanksgiving dinner with all the fixin’s! YUM, my all time favorite meal is turkey dinner, and I splurged and paid extra for a nice fresh 20 pound turkey, never frozen! :P

The only part I am not looking forward to is getting up at 6:00 am Thursday morning to start cooking…

More updates to follow as time permits…

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